Gear Highlights

For shows with audiences over 2500, I rent large format consoles and line arrays as per the specifications of the client, or more often the performers the client has hired for the show

For audiences of all sizes up to 2500, including bass-intensive genres like electronic, hip-hop and reggae, the in-house equipment below delivers fantastic sound.

FOUR EAW KF-650′s  EAW’s KP650 Virtual Array cabinets are extremely high output (140db@1m peak per cabinet) and high fidelity, boasting 15″ & 10″cones and 3″ compression drivers. The term “virtual array” refers to the fact that when flown properly their horn arrays are engineered to disperse the sound so that the front row is only hearing a few decibels louder than one hundred feet back.
EIGHT EAW BH760′s  BH760 cabinets boast an astounding 145db peak output per cabinet extending down to a thunderous 25hz. What makes these cabinets even more amazing is that they accomplish this feat using only 1400 watts each, which means that I can run the entire sub array at rated capacity off of only four twenty amp circuits.
TWELVE KLIPSCH KSM-1 AND KSM-2 STAGE MONITORS  The Klipsch KSM series employ 15″ drivers for the bass and hefty cabinets. I’ve worked with numerous nationally touring performers accustomed to the best money can buy who have commented on how they appreciated the power, low end, and clarity these monitors provided them. The difference between the KSM 1 and KSM 2 is in the horn configuration, half of my monitors are engineered to spread the sound (ideal for side fills and horn or backing vocal sections), the other four are more focussed and work great for keeping rear stage monitoring out of the front stage mics.
MIDAS VENICE 320 FOH CONSOLE  According to Midas, the Venice series packs the tone and EQ control of their ultra-high end consoles in a more affordable package only by sacrificing routing options. The tone this console gets out of my mics was such a huge improvement that I had to purchase a second one for smaller gigs, as downgrading was torturing my ears once I grew accustomed to the Venice sound.
SOUNDCRAFT SPIRIT MONITOR 32-12 The Soundcraft Spirit monitor mixer provides fantastic control, 32 input channels mixed into eight mono mixes and two stereo mixes. An excellent board for running complex monitor mixes from the FOH position, it is also equally at home at the stage serving as a dedicated monitor mixer.
MIDAS VENICE 160 FOH CONSOLE  Hiring Smilin’ James Sound for smaller events doesn’t mean a sacrifice in tone. I am tone-junkie, and
as such can’t work with cheaper gear just because I’m getting a smaller paycheck. Besides which, the results I get at smaller gigs are often what attracts the attention of promoters to hire me for larger ones. So even if I’m doing a coffee shop, I’m sporting a Midas Venice 160 console, with tone that rivals $80000 consoles the size of a banquet table
BAG END TA-15 MAINS  Again, for medium and smaller gigs, I just can’t tolerate sacrificing tone, and I’ve found that these Bag End Tops are a no-compromise way to get amazing sound out of a package I can stow in my van.
4 EAW SB180 SUBS  When money IS an object, sometimes I use a single BH760, and other times this single SB180. The SB180 has formidable output (dwarfed by the BH series, but nonetheless far superior to any Mackie sub) and extends down to 25 hz.
MIC AND DI CABINET  A wireless Shure Beta-87a, four Shure Beta-58a’s, four Shure Beta-57a’s, four Shure SM58′s, four Shure SM57′s, a Shure Beta-52 kick mic, two Oktava MC012 condensers, two Audio Technica At4051a condensers, two Radial Pro JDI Jensen Transformer DI boxes, and two TWO CHANNEL Radial D2 DI boxes.
Signal Processing  The PA is managed by an EAW UX8800 system processor and Klark Teknik Square One stereo 30 band graphic EQ.  Monitors are EQ’d with an Alesis DEQ830 eight channel 30 band graphic EQ. I have backups for both units. Effects are handled by a Lexicon MX400XL providing two channels and two effects per channel, and dynamics are managed by an eight channel Klark-Teknik Square One compression unit and three two channel DBX266′s.