Smilin’ James Sound and Lighting provides high quality “stage illumination” bundled into our sound packages at tremendous savings over hiring a separate lighting company. ¬†Stage illumination meaning there is no dramatic lighting “show”, but rather high output, high quality LED lighting (see below).We also offer dynamic lighting shows, standalone or bundled with the stage and/or sound as well, with moving heads syncopated to the music and a Lighting Director managing the lighting system throughout the show.We use all efficient, modern, high quality LED lights, even the moving heads.
ridgestock-achilles-wheel LED’s Aren’t Hot, but they can be Warm!LED lighting is a fantastic technological step, allowing the operator to mix colors with a single fixture, producing less heat and drawing less power, using bulbs that last for years. But many cheap LED lights make performers look ghostly or neon. Professional grade LED’s dramatically reduce power requirements, are more compact, and can generate warm hues.

Delhi to Dublin at Mystic Garden Gathering


Dead Winter Carpenters at Ridgestock