Mixing for Any Budget

contemplating the songI offer up-front pricing and risk-free mixing services.  I don’t ask for anything in advance.  Just send me your session, and once I’ve checked it out we can talk price.

Once we agree on a budget, I won’t ask for payment until you hear a sample of the mix that you are happy with.  ZERO risk.

There are lots of engineers out there offering to mix a song for $5-$20.  Realistically, you’re getting their creative attention for 20 minutes tops.  That’s plenty of time to make your song louder, but it’s a far cry from true mixing.  That said, if that’s all you can afford, I will do that for you.

On the other hand, most songs you hear on the radio had a mix that cost $500-$800 (or much more).  The mixing engineer spent 5-8 hours working on it (after an intern did all the editing & cleanup). I assure you, very little of that time was spent making the song louder.  The engineer was paid top dollar to instill it with a vibe, a feel.  To be creative.  To listen to what the song is doing, and enhance what it has to offer.  To make it sonically more interesting, more three dimensional.  And that takes time.

If you only have a budget to make your song loud, and clear, I can do that.  I can also provide the kind of attention, tools, and techniques, that songs on the radio get, but without the $100/hour price tag. I will listen, really listen, and then let your song tell me where to apply subtle (or not so subtle) effects to enhance where it is already going.  I will carefully consider and tweak each element of the song at each phase of the song till it all gels perfectly.

Whatever your budget, you are hiring someone who knows the techniques that get a song ready for the radio, and how to stretch your dollar.  And it’s risk free to give it a try.

Maybe one day I’ll have a few mixes on the radio, and then I can start charging $100/hour!   Until then, you are not going to find a better value in professional post production.

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