Online Mixing and Your Vision

The key to successful online mixing project is communication.  Thoroughly understanding YOUR vision (or your producer’s).  And, I should add, your budget.

I can take quick steps to make a mix sound much better than a layperson could do at home.  That said, I’m not going to make the absurd claim that you’re going to get a radio ready track for next to nothing.  I explain more about the differences between a budget and professional mix here.

Once we have established a budget, I will ask you a lot of questions about the sound you are wanting for each element of the song.  If you are not sure, I’m happy to offer my take on what I hear would make each song sound its best.  I will also give you feedback on how much the song might benefit from some pitch correction or timing adjustments.

Once we have worked out a mix that you’re happy with, we talk about how you want the finished project mastered.  What published albums sound most like what you are looking for?

With clear communication, and an engineer who is actually giving personal attention to every detail, you can have results that don’t just help the song sound better, but bring to life the vision you had for the song when you recorded it.  Or maybe even a mix that exceeds what you were originally shooting for!

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