Hip Hop Production Services

Mixing & Mastering
Hip-hop thrives with good production. I can make your doubles sound fuller, give your hook and verses distinct feels, add T-Payne effect (if desired), and set levels and master to make the song LOUD.  Mixing a trackout session (from someone else’s beat), fixing pitch and timing issues can take a little longer, but of course you will always know the cost up front, and all my services are risk-free. Get a free estimate using the Hip Hop Cost Estimator.

Customizing the Arrangment of Your Beat (.mp3, .wav, or trackout)
Want the hook twice the last time?  The second verse to be shorter than the first and third?  Maybe you only WANT two verses?  Is the beat hitting hardest when the story you are telling is hitting hardest?  Wan to to add sound effects (like a car motor, gunshots, sirens, etc) that would  accent what you are saying ?  These are tools the pros use to make their songs have maximum impact.  I can help you do that too!

Simple Custom Beats From Scratch
Say you wrote something amazing for a mix tape but you want to put it out as fully original material.  I can build you a simple beat that meets the arrangement, vibe, tempo, and melody of the lyrics and hooks you’ve already written (or recorded). 

Hip Hop mixing requires listening