Risk Free Mixing!

Risk Free Mixing

It’s hard to know who to trust online, so I’ve taken all the risk out of the experience for you.  I’m offering risk-free mixing!  If you’re not sure, just remember, you pay nothing till you like what you hear.  You have nothing to lose!

The process of getting risk-free mixing for your tracks is as simple as 1-2-3…

  1. Send me your Pro Tools, Logic, Garage Band, Reaper, Audacity, or Digital Performer session.  Whatever DAW it’s tracked in, I can provide instructions to bounce out the tracks.
  2. I will listen, and give you feedback.  We will discuss your song, where you want me to take it, what I hear.  We agree on a price.
  3. I begin to mix, and send you a 20-30 second clip of the  mix.  We make revisions if necessary. You pay when you like what you hear, and then you get the mix of the full song.

Now that you see that it’s risk free, be sure to check out samples of my past work and learn about the production services I offer to songwriters/bands and hip hop artists.

Let’s discuss your
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call me at (760) 456-9022, or
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